Select the Missing Revit Element

The first step in using Ideate XRay is to select the missing Revit element. If you are able to select the element prior to launching Ideate XRay, you should do so.

One way this can be done, is to have two Views open before you launch Ideate XRay: a View where the element can be seen and the View where the element cannot be seen (referred to as the Target View).

If this is not possible, then you can launch Ideate XRay with nothing selected, and use the Ideate XRay for Revit Selection Wizard to help with this challenge.

Select the invisible Revit element with Ideate XRay

Selection Wizard

The Ideate XRay — Selection Wizard tool can be accessed by either starting Ideate XRay while nothing is selected or by picking the Selection Wizard button from the main dialog. The Selection Wizard is designed to assist in selecting the invisible element and provides the four methods described below to facilitate this task:

3D Model Elements

If you are looking for a 3D model element, then you can use the Wizard to either draw a small rectangle within the area in which you are expecting to see the element, or you can choose to see a list of recent 3D elements.  The latter option is perfect for those times when you get the Revit error about the element not being visible.

None of the created Revit elements are visible

When either method is used, the result will be a list of possible elements. This list can be sorted by Element ID(forcing the newer elements to the top) or by Category, Family, or Type. The list can also be filtered by adding text to the Search bar.

Select and find a Revit 3D element with Ideate XRay


2D Annotation Elements

Elements such as Text, Tags, Detail Lines or other 2D annotation Revit elements can also be found by creating a small rectangle within the area of the screen where you expect to see the element. Alternatively you may use the 2nd option, and see a list of all annotative elements that exist within the View. Like the 3D method noted above, you can sort and filter the list to quickly find the element you need.

Grids, Levels and View References

A view reference is a Section, Elevation or Callout mark. These elements, along with Grids and Levels are more difficult to select. The Selection Wizard for Ideate XRay will return a comprehensive list of all such elements. This list can be sorted and filtered to assist in selecting the missing element. Sorting by the ID column will help in finding more recently created elements.

Select and find a Revit View Reference with Ideate XRay

Let Me Pick

If none of the above methods help in selecting the missing/invisible element, you can always use the “Let Me Pick” option to import the current selection. Use Ideate QuickSelect for Revit, Ideate Explorer for Revit, or other method first, then use this option to import the results. Remember, Ideate XRay only works for elements within the parent file.





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