Getting Started Guide for Ideate SpellCheck

 Ideate SpellCheck is a comprehensive spellchecking solution that checks more than just Revit text. For comparison, let's review Revit spellcheck first:

In this exercise we will use the Revit sample file named rac_basic_sample_project.rvt.

  1. The opening view should be Sheet A001. If necessary, open that view to make it active and close any other open view.
  2. From the Annotate tab in Revit, use Check Spelling to check for errors. It should run and then display a message saying “Spell check is complete.”

Next, let's look at the same model with Ideate SpellCheck.

Checking Open Sheets and Views

  1. Select the Ideate Software tab in the Revit Ribbon.
  2. Select the Ideate SpellCheck button on the IdeateApps panel.
  3. There are three options which define the scope of the work to be done. Select the first option, "Check All Open Sheets and Views". In this case only Sheet A001 is open, but any text found on the sheet, and any text found within the views and schedules placed on the sheet, will also be checked.
  4. Next, select the green "SpellCheck Selection" button.

 Fixing Spelling Errors

  1. The first error will be "dor". The context shows "Add a dor to a curtain wall." Pick the "Change" button to change it to "door".
  2. Unless this word has already been added to your Revit custom dictionary, the next error found is ‘toposurface’ Select the "Add to Dictionary" button so that this word will not need to be reviewed in the future.
  3. The next error is "frestanding". Ideate SpellCheck shows that the error is found on the "Note Block Schedule".
  4. Before fixing the error, select the "Zoom to Element" button. This will open the schedule view.
  5. Select the "Zoom to Element" button again and it will open a view where the element is visible.
  6. Zoom again, and it will take you back to the schedule.
  7. Select the "Change" button. This will substitute the misspelled word with the properly spelled word that was suggested. The parameter displayed in the schedule will be changed, updating the associated element in the model.
  8. Next, use the "Ignore All" button for the word "lineweights".
  9. Lastly, edit "detail,ines" to "detail lines". This particular change may be presented as ",ines" on some operating systems. If it is, change the new word to " lines", adding a space and the letter 'l' (Lima) to replace the comma.

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