Duplicate to Discipline

Ideate ViewCreator can be used to batch copy plan views from one family/type to another similar family/type. This topic covers the specific condition of having multiple views for one discipline and wanting to copy them to one or more other disicplines. The prerequisite for the success of this workflow is that there is a unique Revit view type per each required discipline. This workflow is very similar to those described in Duplicate Area Plans to a Different Scheme and in Duplicate Floor Plans to Ceiling Plans.

Create the New Views

Create Sheets from Views

It’s recommended, but not required that the view type be set to a view template. Also, to ensure the highest degree of view naming success, we recommend that the name of the view type be included within the original (source) view name. For example, in the example below, the view type is HVAC Duct Plan and the name of the view is Level 1 HVAC Duct Plan.

In this topic we will cover how to go from the unplaced parent and (3) dependent views for the HVAC Duct ‘discipline’ to corresponding Electrical, Piping, and Ceiling Plan views and then place them all on sheets.

Create the New Views

Before beginning the exercise, use Revit to set up a discipline-specific plan view for one or more levels, and optionally create dependent views. These views should all utilize the same view family and type.

  1. Start IdeateApps>ViewCreator from the Ideate Software tab in Revit.
  2. Select the Duplicate Views method
  3. Select one or more plan views that belong to the original ‘discipline’as shown above. If your example contains dependent views, they will be handled later.
  4. Select Next and then pick the option to Duplicate to Other Family at the top.

  1. Select the Family and View type(s) that represent the disciplines into which you will copy the views.
  2. Select Next and select the DUPLICATE — Change Family rule as shown below. If you picked three floor plan views and then 3 family types, the result will be 9 new views. 

TIP:  After the parent views are created for all disicpline, use the Apply Dependents method to create all needed dependent views.

Create Sheets from Views

To create new sheets with the newly created views, first ensure that you have at least one sheet set up already with a similar view which can be selected as the Matching Sheet.

  1. Start IdeateApps>SheetManager
  2. If you have created new views for more than one discipline, it may be useful to place each discipline group separately. In the image below, for example, the Search filter is used to find only the Lighting Plan views.
  3. Select all newly created views from the left side.
  4. Select the Create Sheet tool from the bottom of the dialog.
  5. Select an existing sheet that has a similar sized plan view as the Matching Sheet then decide if the option “Align plan views using model coordinates” should be checked or not. When dependent views are being placed, it is often useful to uncheck that option.
  6. Use the Rename option, if needed, to edit the default sheet names.

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