Duplicate Floor Plans to Ceiling Plans

If you have a set of Revit floor plans and you’d like to duplicate them to a ceiling plans, you can use Ideate ViewCreator to accomplish this task. The newly created ceiling plans will match the crop/scope box and 2d grid conditions found within the floor plans and will automatically be given logical view names.

  1. Launch Ideate ViewCreator 
  2. Select the Duplicate Method
  3. Select the rule called “*DUPLICATE” or “DUPLICATE — Change Family” if it is available. The Change Family is a newer rule and aligns the view name with the ceiling type name.
  4. Use “Select Views” to go to the next page.
  5. Use the “Duplicate to Other Family’ option, then pick one or more floor plans from one plan type.
  6. Select Next, then pick the ceiling plan type to which you wish to duplicate. 
  7. OPTIONAL: the “DUPLICATE — Change Family” is set up to allow a view template override. You can set the new ceiling plan views to a specific view template if desired.
  8. The proposed new view names can be edited here, or you can select Rename Views and complete the process.

RESULT: New ceiling plan views that match the crop and 2d grid settings of the original views are now created. 

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