Ideate View Creator - Room Views Method

The Room Views method is used to expedite the batch creation of Revit views (and optionally sheets) that are room-based via IdeateApps>ViewCreator. In this Getting Started Guide we will cover two of the most common workflows: Automate elevation views and create and place enlarged plans.

Automate elevation views

In this exercise we will use the Revit sample file named rac_basic_sample_project.rvt.

In this exercise we will use Ideate ViewCreator to automatically create and name interior elevation views associated with two selected rooms.

  1. Select Ideate ViewCreator from the Ideate Software Tab within the IdeateApps panel.
  2. Select the Room Views method, then Next.
  3. Use the Level filter at the top to isolate the list of rooms to Level 1, then pick the Kitchen and Living rooms, then Next.
  4. Under Choose Layout, select the Room Rule called “Elevations — No Sheets”. This rule is setup to create new elevation views using a default Building Elevation view type, but can be changed to match your standards. Example: “Kitchen & Dining 101 — North”
  5. On the next page, use the default view rule which will name the new views with the room name, room number, and view orientation as shown below.
  6. Congratulations — you now have eight new elevations!

Optional: Whenever you are ready you can use Ideate SheetManager to drag and drop all 8 elevations onto a sheet.


Create and place enlarged plans

Before beginning this exercise, open the Revit Sample file called rac_advanced_sample_project.rvt. This file can typically be found at C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 202x\Samples. In this exercise we will use Ideate ViewCreator to automatically create, name and place multiple enlarged stair plans on a single sheet.

Create Enlarged Plan Type

Enlarged floor plans typically use a larger scale and often have unique view template settings. Before the new views are created we will setup a new view type and view template.

  1. Open the view called “01 - Entry Level - Furniture Layout”
  2. In the Revit Properties palette, select the Edit Type button to make a new floor plan type.
  3. Select the Duplicate button and name the new view type “Enlarged Plan” and set the View Template to “Architectural Plan”.
  4. Edit the view template and change these settings:
  1. Set the original view type for the active view back to the original Floor Plan type.

Generate New Views and One Sheet

  1. Select Ideate ViewCreator from the Ideate Software Tab within the IdeateApps panel.
  2. Select the Room Views method, then Next.
  3. Use the Search box at the top and type “stair” to isolate the list of rooms, then pick all nine of the rooms with “stair” in the name.
  4. Select Next then choose the Room Rule layout option and select the Enlarged Plans. 
  5. Select the [...] button to edit the rule to get to the Manage Rules dialog, then with the “Enlarged Plans rule select, pick Edit. 
  6. Change the rule as shown below. This will result in a callout being placed on a view type called “Floor Plan” while the new view will use the “Enlarged Plan” type with the predefined view template.
  7. Select OK, then Next. When there is more than one view per level associated with the plan type specified for callout, ViewCreator needs to make a decision about which plan view should receive the callout. In this project there are three possible choices for level 1; choose the view called “01 - Entry Level — Furniture Layout”.

  1. Select Next to preview the new views, then select “Create 9 views”. 
  2. Because this rule is designed to place the new views on a sheet you will also be prompted to either rename the new sheet or finish. Select Done to create the new sheet with the new views.
  3. Congratulations — you’ve just created 9 new views and one new sheet for all your stair plans. If you open the “01 Entry Level — Furniture Layout” you will see the newly created callouts.

To learn more about the Room Views Method, please see this topic in the Using Ideate View Creator section.

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