Ideate View Creator - Plans to Levels Method

The Plans to Levels method within Ideate ViewCreator is designed to replicate one or more plan views from a specified level to multiple other levels. This method would most likely be used in the early stages of your project. While Revit supports creating multiple plan views based on selected levels, those new views will not have the advantage of any of the following ViewCreator outcomes:

In this exercise we will use the Revit sample file named rme_advanced_sample_project.rvt.

The sample project has a plan view associated with Level 2 called "Level 2 HVAC Duct Plan". To create a Level 3 version of this view, follow the exercise below.

Use SheetManager to Pre-Select View(s)

Ideate SheetManager can help you quickly find, open, and select one or more views to open in ViewCreator.

  1. Launch SheetManager to find and open the view called "Level 2 HVAC Duct Plan".

  2. Within SheetManager, on the View Browser side type "Duct 2" to narrow the list of project views. NOTE: In previous versions only a "2 HVAC Duct" would find this result, but the newest version has improved searching!

  3. Double-click to open this view: "Level 2 HVAC Duct Plan"

  4. From within SheetManager, right-click on this view to select "Launch View Creator"

NOTE: The optional process above reduces the steps needed within Ideate ViewCreator and is particularly useful in copying multiple views to multiple levels.

Review Selected Views

  1. After Ideate ViewCreator has launched, pick the first method, called Plans to Levels, then pick the "Select Views" button. Note that while we can specify the rule from this page, for now we will accept the default rule.

  2. The Active level of the pre-selected view should be highlighted by default, displaying all the plan views associated with Level 2. If this is not the case, change the Level drop down at the top of this dialog to say "Level 2".

  3. The view selected in SheetManager should also already be pre-selected. If not, check the box for "Level 2 HVAC Duct Plan" now. You can confirm which views are selected, by checking the "Show selected views only" checkbox at the bottom left.

  4. Select the Next button.

Select the Destination Level(s) and Preview Results

  1. Select Level 3 and Roof Level as the destination levels, then select the Next button.

  2. The new view names will display in the Preview. The names will be based on the specified rule. The default rule, called "*LEVEL", creates a new view name by finding the original level name within the selected view, and substituting the new level name in its place. If the name of the level is not part of original view name, a different rule might be appropriate.

  3. Try a different rule by selecting the one called "Level Discipline", then use the option to change the Discipline to Electrical as shown. Notice how the new view names change within the New View column.

  1. Switch the rule back to "*LEVEL", then select Create Views and then Done to exit Ideate ViewCreator. Notice the new views listed in SheetManager: Level 3 HVAC Duct Plan and Roof Level HVAC Duct Plan.

The result of this exercise is that new views have been created for the third floor and for the roof. The new views have matching custom and built-in view properties so that they display as expected within the Project Browser.

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