Sheet Composition in Ideate SheetManager for Revit

The Sheet Composition function in Ideate SheetManager for Revit allows you to drag and drop unplaced views onto your sheets. After searching for the desired views Read: Searching Sheets in Ideate SheetManager for Revit, use select, or multi-select to drag the views onto the desired sheet on the Sheets side of the UI.

Use Ctrl+Select to select more than one view, then with the Ctrl key still selected, drag the views onto a sheet on the right-hand side as shown.

Multi-select drag and drop Views onto Sheets in Revit

The selected views will be auto-arranged along the top of your title block so as to not overlap any views that may already be placed.

Multiple Revit Views dropped on a Sheet with Ideate SheetManager

Use Ideate SheetManager to quickly organize which views go on which sheets, then later, manually adjust or use Align to complete the sheet layout task.

When views are placed on a sheet via the SheetManager UI they will automatically be assigned to a viewport type per the “Settings”. Read: Controlling Viewpoints in Ideate SheetManager for Revit.


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