Getting Started Guide

  Ideate Clone can be found on the Ideate Software tab of the Revit ribbon on the IdeateApps panel. 

Ideate Clone lets you copy a Sheet with Viewports. The new Sheet will match all the Title block and Sheet properties. Additionally, Ideate Clone lets you place unplaced Views onto the newly created Sheet so that they align with the previous Viewports.

In this exercise we will use the Revit sample file named rme_advanced_sample_project.rvt.

This exercise will cover the basic usage of Ideate Clone by walking through these steps:

  1. Using Ideate SheetManager or the Project Browser, find and open Sheet E201.

  2. Start Ideate Clone by using the button within the SheetManager or:

  1. Clone is designed to create a copy of the active Sheet, but will suggest a new number: E202. Change the number to E203.

  2. Change the new sheet name from Unnamed to 3rd Floor Lighting Plan

  3. Within the Viewport Options, select the drop-down list under the New Sheet column and notice that other unplaced Ceiling Plan and Floor Plan views are available for placement on the new Sheet.

  4. Select Floor Plan - Level 3 Lighting Plan.

  5. Select the Clone button.

  6. Clone will create Sheet E203 with a matching title block and Sheet properties. Select Done to close Ideate Clone.

  7. Notice that the Level 3 - Lighting Plan is on the new Sheet and that its position is identical to the Level 2 plan found on Sheet E201.


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