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Aligning Rotated Views

Aligning rotated views is fully supported starting with the November 2019 release. If you are experiencing any issues, please check that you have the latest release of IdeateApps for your Revit version. If so, please contact [email protected]

In the May 2019 release, rotated views are no longer considered ‘similar’, even to other rotated views. We took this step due to inconsistent results when aligning views with stretched & rotated crop regions, caused by Revit API limitation.

By default, views considered ‘not similar’ are aligned using the top left corner of the view port, regardless of the contents. Views considered ‘similar’ are aligned based on the data coordinates.

To Correctly Align Rotated Views:

NOTE: Rotated plan views containing annotation elements (e.g. section view marker) that extend beyond the bounding box (using either a crop region or scope box) will not align correctly unless these extended annotation elements are the same in both views.

As a workaround, either enlarge the bounding box to include all visible elements, or first hide them in view, perform align and then unhide them again.

Advanced Workflow For Creating Sheet Sets — Save Time & Improve Accuracy

  1. Set up a ‘master’ sheet, make sure any rotated views have scope boxes assigned
  2. Use Ideate ViewCreator to batch-generate the rest of the level or discipline etc. specific views you will need for this sheet set (scope boxes are copied automatically)
  3. Use Clone to create your sheets & align the views, or use SheetManager to add the created views to existing sheets, then use Align to align them correctly

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