Getting Started Guide

  Ideate Align can be found on the Ideate Software tab of the Revit ribbon, in the IdeateApps panel. 

Ideate Align helps ensure that a view on one sheet is aligned with a view on one or many other sheets. The primary usage of this tool is to ensure that all plan views are organized the same relative to the title block. Ideate Align can also be used to coordinate Legends, Schedules or any other views across multiple sheets.

In this exercise we will use the Revit sample file named rac_advanced_sample_project.rvt.

This exercise will cover the basic usage of Ideate Align by walking through these steps.

Set up a New Sheet

The alignment view is the viewport that has the correct relationship to the title block. You will then apply this same relationship to other selected Sheets. Before you can use Align you will need a Sheet that is set up they way you want it. In this exercise we will create a new sheet for the 2nd floor and then use it to fix the existing Sheet A1.

  1. Launch Ideate SheetManager

  2. Use the first button at the bottom to create a new sheet. Accept the default size and title block. The new sheet should be called 'A4'

  1. From the Views Browser portion of the SheetManager, drag both the Floor Plan: 02 Floor and the 3D View: Balcony View onto the new Sheet.

  2. Place the views onto the new Sheet as shown below.

  1. Using the SheetManager, open Sheet A1.

  2. Use Window Tile (WT) to tile all open Views.

  3. Using the Sheet Manager, drag 3D View: Building Courtyard onto Sheet A1.

  4. Close SheetManager.

Match Floor Plan Locations on Sheets with Ideate Align

Now that you have Sheet A4 set up the way you'd like, use Ideate Align to apply this setup to Sheet A1.

  1. Select the Ideate Software tab in the Revit Ribbon.

  2. Select the Ideate Align button on the IdeateApps panel.

  3. On the left side of the dialog, assign the Alignment view to Sheet A4.

  4. Set the View to 02 Floor.

  5. On the right side of the dialog you will see Sheet A1 listed along with 01 Floor as a View. Select the checkbox next to 01 Floor.

  6. Select the Align button. This will adjust the 01 Floor view on Sheet A1 to match the plan on Sheet A4. Both views will have their grid intersections in the exact same relationship to the title block.

Match 3d Views on Sheets

  1. With Align still open, change the View drop-down from 02 Floor to the 3D View.

  2. Notice that the 3D View on Sheet A1 is now the only View listed on the right.

  3. Uncheck the box at the bottom that says "Show similar views only", as shown below.

  4. Notice that all Sheets and Views now display.

  5. Check the 3D View on Sheet A1 to match the location of the one shown on Sheet A4.

  6. Select the Align button.

  7. Notice that the view on Sheet A1 has now moved to match A4.

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