Renumber Sheets to ISO 19650

Ideate ReNumber can be used to renumber sheets to the BS EN ISO 19650 standard using one of rules created and saved in the bonus rules that ship with IdeateApps.

The rule targets the Sheet Number parameter which contains 5 of the 7 information container field descriptions as described in the ISO. These are:

To Automatically Number Sheets per the ISO Standard:

  1. In your Revit project, make sure you have a Sheet List. The sort order of the sheet list will impact the order of the numbering. Make your sheet list the active Revit view.
  2. From the Ideate Software tab in Revit, select ReNumber, then pick the […] option at the top right. Select the Import button. The default folder will be called “Basic”.
  3. Browse up one level and the select the “Bonus” folder to access additional rules.
  4. Select the rule called “Sheets – BS ISO – 19650” to import, then select OK.
  5. Before the Renumber tool renumbers the sheets, there is a prompt for the Functional Breakdown, Spatial Breakdown, Discipline, Number (start increment) which can be used to finalize the numbering of the sheets.
  6. Because the Sheet List is the active view, the option to Auto-Number by View will be available. Select Start Numbering! to complete the task.

The project (code) and originator fields are assumed to be separate shared parameters and are located within the Project Information. Those properties can optionally be added to the existing rule by using new Field parts within the Edit Rule dialog as shown above.

The rule can be edited to suit any company standard or variation of the ISO 19650 standard.

Existing IdeateApps subscribers can request the sample title block shown above to test this ISO 19650 rule. If you’d like help customizing Ideate ReNumber to meet your sheet-naming criteria, email us at [email protected], we’d be happy to assist.

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