ReNumber Spaces

The steps below can be used to number or rename Space elements to align with the Room data found within a linked Revit file. To number Spaces where there is no linked file (or Rooms within the parent file) follow the steps for Rooms.

In this exercise we will use the Revit sample file named rme_advanced_sample_project.rvt.

Renumber Spaces based on Room Number

  1. Open the view called "Level 1 HVAC Zone Plan"
  2. Launch Ideate ReNumber and change the Rule to *Spaces.
  3. This Rule is intended for managing Space numbering when there is no related linked Architectural Revit project. You can use this Rule by following similar steps as described for Rooms.
  4. Change the Rule to "Space Number from Room". This Rule will read the Room name field from either the parent file OR from a linked file.
  5. Add an optional prefix S-
  6. Select the Auto-Number by View method then select Start Numbering.
  7. The Preview Results dialog will show any changed Space Name as green. In this example, all Spaces in the View will be modified to match the name of the Room but will have a Prefix of S-.
  8. When closing out the last Dialog, you will receive a Revit Warning about duplicate space numbers. This happens because there are four spaces spanning one of the rooms (a corridor) in this project. You can see which ones and zoom to the individual elements via the Revit warnings dialog.

Rename Spaces to match Room Number

The steps above can also be used to map the Space Name from the Room Name, if desired, by using the Rule called "Space Name from Room".

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