ReNumber Doors

Doors numbering often has the common, added complexity of needing to report to which room the door should relate. For Doors (and Windows) Revit provides both a "To Room" and "From Room" value. In this exercise we will see how Ideate ReNumber manages this important information.

In this exercise we will use the Revit sample file named rac_basic_sample_project.rvt.

Manually Number Doors

Use Ideate ReNumber to manually renumber doors based on a Rule that uses the "To Room" value plus a "-A" suffix.

  1. Open Floor Plan: Level 1.
  2. Launch Ideate ReNumber.
  3. Ensure that the *Doors Rule is selected, at the top.
  4. Ensure that the method is set to "Select Elements", then select "Start Numbering!"
  5. Select the Doors by the Deck to renumber

Auto-update Doors

Use Ideate ReNumber to automatically number Doors based on a Rule that uses the "To Room" value plus a "-A" suffix by following the steps below.

  1. Open Floor Plan: Level 2.
  2. Start Ideate ReNumber and ensure that the *Doors Rule is selected at the top.
  3. Select the "Auto-Number by View" Method, then select "Start Numbering".
  4. Ideate ReNumber will display the Preview Results dialog with a list of all Door elements visible in the current view, as shown above.
  5. Select the first Door in the list and notice that the New Value is blank. This entry Door currently has a "To Room" value that is empty.
  6. Select the Flip Room button, as shown below, to assign the Entry Hall as the "To Room" value. Making this change is identical to making the change to the "To Room" value within the Door Schedule and will not change the Door swing unless the Door uses the Room Calculation point.

  1. Use the Flip Room tool for the next two Doors to ensure that they retain their association with the bedroom numbers. Notice that as these Doors are flipped, the green highlighting will disappear. Only numbers that will be changed from the original are highlighted.
  2. Select the Column Header "Original Value" to sort the Doors by their original values, then find Door 207.
  3. Select the row with Door 207 and use the Zoom to Element button to find the Door within the active View.
  4. This door should probably also be flipped to retain the association with the Master Bath room number.
  5. Select Accept Changes to update all the Doors.
  6. Use the red X to close the main dialog.

Now that you've adjusted the "To Room" values, you will find that this will not be required again. The doors will remember their "To Room" assignments so that any future renumbering will be even easier.

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