Getting Started Guide for Ideate QuickSelect

Starting Ideate QuickSelect

In this exercise we will use the Revit sample file named rac_basic_sample_project.rvt.

  1. Select the Ideate Software tab in the Revit Ribbon.
  2. Select the Ideate QuickSelect button on the IdeateApps panel.

Searching for Elements

  1. Select the Display option for the Entire Revit Project by choosing "Entire Project" from the drop down list.
  2. Ideate QuickSelect will show the number of instances of each category that are currently placed in the Revit project. This number appears in parenthesis to the right of each category listing in the Results pane.

  1. Type the word "Door" into the Search Field, and then select the Binocular Icon to the right of the Search Field. (You can also select the Enter key after entering the word Door.)
  2. The Results pane should update to show only those elements that contain the world "Door" in the Category, Family, or Type.
  3. The Binocular Icon will change to have a red X in the lower right-hand corner. This tells the user that the search field is being used. Later, you can clear the search by selecting on the Binocular Icon again, and the red X will disappear.


Zoom To Elements

  1. Select the PLUS symbol to the left of the "Doors" list in the Results pane to expand the list to see the different Door Families that are currently placed in the Revit project.
  2. The Results pane will show the 5 different door families in the sample project, including curtain wall doors.
  3. Select the PLUS symbol to the left of "Entrance door" to expand the list to see the types of doors for "Entrance door" that are currently placed in the Revit project.
  4. Select the PLUS symbol to the left of "Entrance door" type to expand the list to see the individual instances of this door type currently placed in the Revit project.
  5. Ideate QuickSelect will always show the current number of each listing to the right in parenthesis.

  1. Double-click on the first instance of "Entrance door" instance.
  2. Select OK when you see this dialog:

  1. Ideate QuickSelect will open Level 2 Floor Plan view and zoom to the door you double-clicked.

Selecting Elements

  1. Select the box to the left of the first "Entrance door" instance.
  2. A check mark should appear in the box.
  3. Ideate QuickSelect will show you the number of elements selected in the lower right-hand corner of the dialog. You can also confirm the selection set with Revit's selection count in the right-hand corner of the Revit Status Bar.
  4. The selected door should highlight with the current selection color in the Revit Level 2 Floor Plan view.
  5. Selecting on the check mark in the box again, will remove the element from the selection set.
  6. Select both "Entrance door" doors by checking the box to the left of each instance. Note: You can also select the top-level list of "Entrance door" doors to either check or uncheck all instances in one step.

  1. You can always use any Revit Zoom or Pan command at any time while the Ideate QuickSelect dialog is open.
  2. You may want to right-click and choose to "Show Elements." You can Zoom In or Zoom Out around the selected elements. You can also right-click and Zoom Extents to the active view.

Modify Elements

  1. Now that you've created a Selection Set using Ideate QuickSelect, you can perform any allowable Revit operation on that Selection Set.   Ideate QuickSelect is non-modal, which means that the Ideate QuickSelect dialog can remain open while you select any allowable Revit command.
  2. Verify that you are still in the Level 2 Floor Plan view.
  3. Make sure both "Entrance door" door instances are still selected with check marks.
  4. Right-click on any door instance and select "Show Elements." This will position both doors so you can easily see them in the active view.

  1. In the Revit Properties Palette, the "Entrance door" Door should show in the top bar.
  2. You can now select the Properties Palette drop down list and choose the "Curtain Wall Dbl Glass" Door Family and Type.

  1. You just changed both doors in the model!
  2. Review Ideate QuickSelect Results to see that you now have 5 "Curtain Wall Dbl Glass" doors instead of the previous 3.
  3. Ideate QuickSelect has refreshed the Results pane to show the proper elements in the model.
  4. It's that quick and that easy! Yes, it's Ideate QuickSelect!

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