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On the Review tab of Ideate Annotate you can investigate and clear or dismiss common Revit annotation issues to keep your project documentation legible and ready to publish. The Review and Browse tabs within Ideate Annotate have shared functionality that is covered separately in this topic: Using Ideate Annotate

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Review Revit annotation elements with Ideate Annotate

Full Analysis

Analyzing all annotation issues can be time consuming in a Revit project with lots of annotation. For this reason, only a partial analysis of issues is performed when the Display is set to Entire Project or Placed Views and Sheets. In the image above, the Full Analysis has already been triggered by picking the toggle at the top of the Issues list. Full analysis is also automatically performed when the Display is set to Active View or Current Selection.

Issue Types that are excluded until the full analysis is complete include: Annotation Clash and Other Not Visible.

Import Issues

Review Revit annotation elements with Ideate Annotate

The import issues button can be used to import a CSV file of issues which has been created either from the View Issues button, as shown below, or via an Ideate Automation result. This option is useful when it takes a long time to complete the Full Analysis. The results of that process can be saved by one person and then imported by another at a later point in time. Elements that no longer exist in the model at the time of import will be excluded from the results.

View Issues

Review Revit annotation elements with Ideate Annotate

The list of issues found within the Entire Project, Placed Views and Sheets, Active View, or Current Selection can be manually exported to a file by selecting the Detail View button as shown below. This list will exclude any element or set of elements (in the case of Annotation Clash) that has been dismissed.

This list can also be generated and exported to Excel via Ideate Automation.

manually export Ideate Annotate issues

Dismiss Issues

Review Revit annotation elements with Ideate Annotate

As you review annotation issues on the Review tab of Ideate Annotate, you may decide that a clash or invisibility issue is acceptable. When this happens you can right-click on one or more conditions and select Dismiss Issue. Issues that have been dismissed will be excluded from the export that is available from the Detail View as shown above. You can see the list of issues that have been dismissed by changing the Filter drop-down from the Review tab to <Dismissed Issues>.

To undo the Dismiss actions, access the Settings and use the option to “Clear All Dismissed Issues”.

Dismiss annotation clashes

Issue Types

Please visit this page for details on Issue Types.

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