Getting Started Guide

Ideate Annotate   Ideate Annotate can be found on the Ideate Software tab on the IdeateApps ribbon. This tool is designed for all of us who are responsible for construction documentation. In this first release of Annotate there are two primary workflows, each identified within a separate tab, Browse and Review


User the Browse tab to view annotation elements on a per project, per view or per sheet basis to ensure documentation meets the project standards for the deliverable. This tab displays 2d annotation elements (text, tags, generic annotations, dimensions, spot elevations, stair paths, detail components/items, filled region, etc) depending on the filters selected. Before beginning this exercise, open the Revit Sample file called rme_advanced_sample_project.rvt. This file can be found in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 20xx\Samples.

  1. Open “Level 1 HVAC Plan” View
  2. Start Ideate Annotate > Browse Tab
  3. Display: Active View
  4. We want to find a Tag of Annotation of a Mechanical Equipment tagged “1-6”. In the Search Bar type “1-6”. The selection pane is filtered showing the mechanical tag.
  5. Double click on any annotation to go to the view
  6. Click on the “x” icon above the selection pane to delete the tag. Or if another tag is loaded, you may swap one tag for another tag type. 


The use of this tool is intended to ensure the legibility of tags, text, dimensions and other annotative elements found on published sheets. Within Review you can find and fix common annotation problems such as clashes between tags, text, etc.

  1. Open “E201 – Unnamed” Sheet
  2. Display: Placed View and Sheets
  3. Sort By: Category
  4. Double Click on (1) Elevation Mark. This opens up “Level 2- Lighting Plan”. The mark can be deleted.
  5. Move the Full Analysis bar to right. When the dialog appears, click on “Yes, begin”.
  6. Select (click on right caret ) “Other Not Visible”, then select (click on right caret) “Floor Plan: North Level 1 Lighting Plan”, then select (click on right caret) “Wire Tags”.
  7. Double click on the first “M_Wire Tag. A “Show Cropped Element” dialog box appears, choose Yes. Zoom out to see the annotations that are not within scope box.

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