Deploy Content

This topic covers how to relocate IdeateApps content to a shared network location and how to deploy the new location to all end-users. When content is shared you can easily benefit from any customization done to that content. Additionally, this method can be used to provide greater focus by eliminating any discipline-specific content that may not apply to your work.

Content Overview

IdeateApps ships with four kinds of content that can be customized:

When this content is customized, it should be stored in a unique location, separate from the standard shipping content.

Set the Content Pathing

The file pathing information for the content noted above can be set from within each IdeateApps tool by selecting the cog symbol from the upper-right hand section of the main dialog. 

These settings are saved in the corresponding text file:

These files are stored by default at %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Ideate\Settings. After the values have been changed to point to the new shared locations, the last step is to push this change out as a standard for all users. The customizable file paths can be set to a local mapped drive share, a file-sharing service that integrates with Windows Explorer (e.g. Dropbox) or an Autodesk Docs/ BIM 360 folder* where the user has at least read-only access.

*Storing settings on BIM 360 requires the user to be logged in to Autodesk Desktop Connector.

Push Standards

We recommend that as a first step, one workstation should be configured to the desired state. Once configured, these .settings files can be pushed via group policy to the local user %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Ideate\Settings location or, if preferred, can be pushed to C:\ProgramData\Ideate\IdeateApps. When the file is located within ProgramData it will be treated as a read-only location. 

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