Customize and Deploy Settings for IdeateApps

Customizable settings are currently implemented in the following IdeateApps solutions:

Ideate ReNumber — default Rule Library path and the Line Style for the numbering path
Ideate SpellCheck — path to the exclusion file 
Ideate ViewCreator — default Library path for view naming rules

Settings that can be configured within the application can also be deployed throughout an organization to ensure all users are working to the same standard.

We recommend that as a first step, one workstation should be configured to the desired state. 

The customizable file paths can be set to a local mapped drive share, a file-sharing service that integrates with Windows Explorer (e.g. Dropbox) or an Autodesk Docs/ BIM 360 folder* where the user has at least read-only access.

*Storing settings on BIM 360 requires the user to be logged in to Autodesk Desktop Connector and it is not supported for Revit 2018 (all builds).

Configure Workstations

To configure end user workstations with the custom content, push out the “Ideate [product name].settings” file using a Group Policy or any other network admin tool. Replace any file already present in the folder (they are created on first run).

The default location for the settings file:

 C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Ideate\Settings

The settings can still be changed by the local user inside the application.

If you wish to prevent users from being able to change or reset the settings, placing the file into this folder will make all settings inside the application read-only:

C:\ProgramData\Ideate\Ideate [product name] 

Deep Dive Alert:

It is possible to make some of the settings read-only by having a partial settings file in the ProgramData folder (which takes precedence), and another file with the rest of the settings in the user account folder.

You would need to manually edit the settings file in an xml editor (or in notepad if you are feeling brave).

Only the settings file in ProgramData needs to be edited. The application will automatically generate another settings file in the user account folder with the default values for any settings not configured in the ProgramData settings file. 

Feel free to reach out to support with any questions related to settings deployment or customization!

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