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FAQ — Top Technical Questions

Can I trial Ideate Automation?
Yes, when you download Ideate Automation you can activate a 30-day trial. During the trial period you can:

Does Ideate Automation consume Forge cloud credits?
No, Ideate Automation is designed to process Revit files locally, so no Forge/Autodesk cloud credits are consumed.

Does Ideate Automation integrate with BIM360/ACC?
Yes, Autodesk BIM 360 / Autodesk Construction Cloud customers can login to their user accounts directly through Ideate Automation to access their live Revit models on any BIM 360/ACC hubs to which our custom integration has been applied. You can learn how to set up the integration in this topic: Ideate Forge Connector

The purpose of the custom integration is to authenticate the user and to enable Automation to see and access hub names, project names, and Revit model names for which the user has the appropriate permissions. All access to the models is controlled via Autodesk BIM 360/ ACC. This sample email can be sent to your hub partners to request integration on their end if needed.

What are the most common workflows?
Ideate Automation supports automated Revit workflows including but not limited to generating regular, automated PDF exports* and delivering reports on key Revit family and Revit project metrics.

Additionally, for those who own the Ideate Software Bundle, Automation can be used to deliver on these other product-specific time-saving workflows:

All Ideate Automation workflows are designed to give high-level insight to stakeholders who want to maintain easy access to critical Revit BIM data without wasting time opening and reviewing the data within the Revit software.

*PDF exports for Revit 2022+

If I already own the Ideate Software Bundle, can I add Automation in the middle of my subscription period?
Yes, there’s a standard pro-rated part that uses a per/month value so that the contracts can become co-terminus.