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Structural Engineers Benefit from Ideate’s Revit Add-In Tool

Ideate Sticky was developed specifically to help the Revit community connect Building Information Model (BIM) data and valuable non-BIM data with ease, speed, and precision. Structural engineers can connect and format non-BIM data from Excel, Word and PDF files into a Revit project. The results of using our Revit add-in tool: fast and accurate editing powers, along with the ability to format data beautifully.

Connect BIM Data and non-BIM Data with Ease, Speed, and Precision

With Ideate Sticky, Revit professionals can also:

Ideate Sticky is used by structural engineers to improve workflow collaborations. Some customers keep code schedules and other non-BIM information front and center for engineers throughout the project. Others highlight recent changes such as construction-schedule updates or import the manufacturer's design tables for hold-downs or other anchor products. What Revit problems will you solve with the Ideate Sticky add-in tool?