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Revit Add-In Tool Benefits MEP Engineers

Ideate Software provides Building Information Model (BIM) data management solutions that answer tough challenges from Architecture/Engineering/Construction/Owner (AECO) communities. Our Autodesk Revit add-in tool provides AECO professionals with the ability to improve speed and accuracy in data flow, and increase collaboration between BIM and non-BIM users. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers can connect and format non-BIM data from Microsoft Excel files into a Revit project. 

The result? A happy marriage between quick, accurate Excel spreadsheet edits and the convenience, look and feel of a sticky note.

Attach and Organize non-BIM data from Excel files into a Revit Project

With the Ideate Sticky add-in, Revit users can also:

Ideate Sticky for Revit is used by MEP engineers around the world. Some customers keep code schedules and other non-BIM information front and center for engineers throughout the project. Others use colors to highlight important information or recent changes such as construction-schedule updates. Still others rely on the automatic updates between 50+ Stickies whenever they are opened or printed on a complex project. What Revit problem will you identify and solve with the Ideate Sticky add-in tool?


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