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Download and start a free trial of Ideate Sticky for Revit, or activate if you already have a license. The MSI packages are now shipped as part of Ideate Software Installer.

System Requirements

Ideate Sticky runs inside Revit and works with workshared or non-workshared models, including models hosted on Revit Server and Autodesk Docs. Remote Desktop Protocol is supported. Virtualization platforms such as VDI, Citrix and VMware are supported by the Cloud or FlexLM network version.


Ideate Sticky 3.5 — Build 53671 — Released April 2023

Download Ideate Sticky only or download the Ideate Software Bundle for the full suite of Ideate Software products.

The same package can be used to start a trial or activated using a license code or a network license.

After installing, the following Ideate Sticky versions will be available in the respective Revit year versions:


For older releases, including Cloud Network enabled version 2018 and 2019 visit the Software Archive.

Ideate Vendor Daemon
Setting up a new FlexLM license server? Remember to download the vendor daemon for the Ideate Software licensing service.

Visit the Ideate Software Installer page (MSI) for the full suite of Ideate Software products. 

Ideate Software Bundle
Ideate Software Bundle
The 30-day trial version includes access to each of the five products. Ideate Explorer, IdeateApps, and Ideate Sticky are full-functioning. Ideate BIMLink has a 25-row limit to the data export. Ideate StyleManager is limited to testing these three styles: Line Patterns, Materials and Material Appearance Asset styles.
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Firms that deploy Ideate Software widely enjoy more benefits. Install all Ideate Software solutions from a single download and empower yourself and your team to be less focused on time-consuming Revit activities.
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Ideate Automation
Ideate Automation
The trial lasts 30 days. Any scripts using other Ideate solutions may require those to be licensed or in trial. Automation-only scripts are fully functional during the trial period.
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Use Ideate Automation with Revit and/or Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer, IdeateApps, and Ideate StyleManager to execute a variety of workflows silently in the background, saving time and avoiding errors.
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