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Powerful Revit Add-In for Architects and Designers

Ideate Sticky was developed specifically to benefit architects, designers, and planners. Our Revit add-in tool easily connects and formats non-BIM data from Microsoft Excel, Word and Adobe PDF files into a project. The result is fast and accurate editing powers displayed with the convenience of a sticky note.

Connect and Format non-BIM Data from Excel, Word and PDF into Revit

With Ideate Sticky, Revit users can:

Ideate Sticky is used to eliminate bottlenecks, overcome workflow gaps, and dramatically improve efficiencies. Some customers keep client-specific requests front and center for designers throughout the project. Others use Ideate Sticky to link to important building code information, or to integrate outside hardware or specialty equipment consultant data. What Revit problems will you solve with the Ideate Sticky add-in tool?