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FAQ — Top Technical Questions

How do I delete a hidden dwg?

  1. In the Revit Model list, select Project. The Results list now contains all building elements in the model, even if they are hidden in all Revit views.
  2. Browse to the “CAD Imports” Category.
  3. For each DWG in the Results list, highlight and use Ctrl+E, double-click or the right-mouse action Show Elements to show (zoom to) each DWG.
  4. If you get the Revit warning dialog “No good view could be found”, the DWG is hidden in all views.
  5. Select the checkbox to the right of the hidden DWG. This selects the hidden DWG in Revit.
  6. Select Done to exit Ideate Explorer.
  7. The hidden DWG is still selected within Revit – this can be confirmed with Revit Type Selector. Hit Delete and the hidden DWG is deleted from the drawing.

What types of elements can be searched?
Ideate Explorer will search and display all elements that exist as instances in your current Revit project. This list includes all items displayed within the Project Browser as well as many items not found within the Project Browser such as: Color Legends, Dimensions, Grids, Levels, Keynotes, Revision Clouds, Reference Planes, Detail and Model Lines, CAD Imports, Raster Images, and Text.

Can I change family types in my project?

  1. Select Category from the View dropdown list.
  2. The Category view organizes building elements in the Results list into a hierarchy of category, family, type and instance.
  3. In the Results list, expand the hierarchy to get the family you would like to audit.
  4. Check the checkbox(s) next to the building element(s) whose family you would like to change. The building elements are now selected in Revit.
  5. Select Done to exit Ideate Explorer.
  6. Use the Type Selector dropdown list in the Revit toolbar to change the family type of the selected building elements.

Can I install over previous versions?
Yes. Ideate Explorer can be installed over earlier versions without uninstalling the earlier version first.