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Revolutionary Revit Structure Add-On Tool for Engineers & BIM Data Managers

Ideate Explorer was developed specifically for everyday Revit users to keep their projects standardized and clean. Structural engineers and Building Information Model (BIM) managers can search, filter, quantify, and select to easily manage over 100,000 elements in a Revit model. Speeding through mega files with Ideate Explorer, our Revit Structure add-on tool helps production teams and model managers alike make changes with confidence and trust, even while working with ever more complex and potentially error-prone Building Information models.

Intuative Revit Structure Add-On Tool.  Structural Engineers Can Easily Manage their BIM Data and Over 100,000 Elements

With Ideate Explorer, Revit Structure users can also:

Ideate Explorer is used by structural engineers around the world for audits that are vital to the health of their Revit projects. BIM managers and other auditors use it to navigate and dive deeply into a project, quickly discover what is missing or wrong, and get the project back on track. Some Revit customers use it to find inconsistently named elements and change them to standard naming conventions almost instantly. Others use it to find and purge line types that aren't up to standard. What Revit Structure problems will you solve with the Ideate Explorer add-on tool?