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Revit Application Benefits Architects and Designers

Ideate BIMLink was developed specifically for the Revit community. This revolutionary Revit plugin beautifully complements the features in Revit for an enhanced workflow. Architects, designers, and planners can export BIM data into user-friendly Microsoft Excel, manipulate the data, and then push it back into Revit with ease and accuracy. The result: hundreds of hours saved.

Unleash the Power of Ideate BIMLink

With the Ideate BIMLink, users can also:

Ideate BIMLink is used by architects, designers, and planners in more than 35 countries around the world. Some customers create new workflows related to quality control for fire rating, renaming family content per owner requirements, or having outside consultants fill out hardware schedule information. Others use our Revit application to eliminate problems such as redundant BIM data entry and lower the risk of mistranslated data. Still others use it to speedily check for, and eliminate duplicates. What Revit problems will you solve with Ideate BIMLink?