Revit Sheet and View Management Techniques to Improve Your Revit Models

Revit sheet and view management has never been so automated, easy and powerful as it is with IdeateApps.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate how to use Ideate Software tools to manage data and views that appear on Revit sheets and duplicate sheets and viewports while keeping views aligned between sheets. We will also create new sheets for unplaced views, and show how to create smart naming and smart rules to automate and batch-create multiple views with just a few clicks. 

This webinar will be delivered by our Customer Success Manager Steve Deadman and our EMEA Territory Lead Nick Johns.

About the Speakers

Steve Deadman, Customer Success Manager - UK/EMEA
Steve provides support to customers and helps them get a strong return on their software investment. He has a B.Eng (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering and various certifications in engineering. Before joining Ideate Software, he worked at several top architectural firm in the United Kingdom where he specialized in the implementation and management of BIM processes and technology. 

Nick Johns, Territory Lead - UK/EMEA
Nick helps customers and prospective customers in the UK/EMEA regions realize the value of streamlining Revit workflows with Ideate Software products. He is committed to understanding a company’s needs and recommending solutions that address those needs. Before joining Ideate Software, Nick held sales and sales manager roles at several companies in the United Kingdom, including Graitec, Excitech, Cats Group, Hobs Group and Xerox Business Services.


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