Hitting a High Note – Tuning your Revit Template with Ideate Software and Brian Mackey

Brian Mackey - BIM and Revit Consultant - BD Mackey ConsultingDealing with Revit projects and templates that progress and evolve over time can be a constant challenge. As a BIM and Revit consultant, Brian Mackey of BD Mackey Consulting is often required to review company standards which include everything from project templates to custom content, and more.

To effectively and efficiently accomplish these tasks he uses many different tools and applications. In this webinar he will talk about two such Revit tools: the new Ideate Style Manager and the 10-year old, solid and proven application - Ideate Explorer.

Learn how he uses them and how they help him in his day-to-day work, by attending our next webinar. Please click on the button below to register.



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