Analyze, Delete or Merge Non-standard Revit Styles with Ideate StyleManager

Tune in to this one-hour webinar see Richard Taylor, our Technical Evangelist, demonstrate how Ideate StyleManager addresses the challenges that arise when Revit users load or import content into the model and the corresponding styles automatically come too. Proper management of these styles reduces publishing errors and end-user confusion, but the management process in Revit can be time-consuming and risky, and errors can dramatically impact the models and production documents.

You’ll see how to use Ideate StyleManager to:

  • Safely delete styles that cannot be deleted or purged in Revit software 
  • Merge non-standard styles into standard styles 
  • Forensically analyze the usage of all styles to understand the true scope of a deletion 
  • Clean up Object Styles, Line Styles, Line Patterns, Fill Patterns, Materials, Material Appearance Assets, View Filters, Templates and Scope Boxes  

Stay through the end of the webinar to discover the potential of the entire Ideate Software family of products. Revit users around the globe trust these Revit productivity tools to ensure their building information models are accurate and the data they contain is reliable. 

This webinar is hosted by our partner, Microsol Resources.


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