AECO companies that do business in the UK will be interested in the recording of BIMThoughts that aired on December 14, 2021. During this 40-minute chat, Ideate Software’s Nick Johns, UK/EMEA Territory Sales Lead; Steve Deadman, Customer Success Manager UK/EMEA and Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist, discussed several topics geared toward a UK audience, including:

  • UK BIM vs. North America BIM
  • Insights gained from recent UK construction conferences
  • The benefits of standards, including:
    • ISO 19650 - Organization and digitization of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including BIM        
    • BS8644 - Digital management of fire safety information (Due for publication during the first half of 2022) 
  • Upcoming “Golden Thread” initiative requiring building owners to store, manage and keep an up-to-date record of all data required to maintain and operate a built asset Ideate Software tools

Over the course of this call, BIMThoughts hosts, Bill Debevc, Carl Storms and Dana De Filippi complimented Ideate Software several times. Here are a few quotes:

  • “For me, Revit and Ideate go hand in hand.”
  • “Over the years, Ideate has added so many great things!”
  • “I just love Ideate tools.”

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Recently we had the honor of hosting a panel discussion featuring four professionals with extensive experience providing BIM consulting services to companies in the architecture, engineering, construction and owner (AECO) space: 

Before the webinar, we solicited questions from our customers and prospective customers, and we were thrilled that the panelists were able to address many of those as well as some others asked during the call, including:

  • What are some of the greatest challenges you see with technology and BIM? 
  • What trend, technology or workflow do you see gaining traction in the next few years? 
  • How do we efficiently deal with varying owner BIM requirements? Do we need a standard?

If you use BIM, you will find this 1-hour discussion worth your time. Listen in for information on the evolution of BIM, insight into its current state and anticipated trends, and guidance on how to fully leverage BIM to gain significant advantages.


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London Construction ConferenceRecently, our team in the UK attended the two events described below to hear from construction industry leaders, learn about current and anticipated trends, and connect with peers. 

“It was great to meet with people in person again,” said Steve Deadman, our Customer Success Manager for the EMEA region. “During the pandemic, we maintained our connection to the industry virtually, but nothing beats a face-to-face meeting to speak openly, confirm understanding and build or strengthen relationships.”  

  • London Construction ConferenceLondon Build Expo - Held in mid-November at Olympia London, this award-winning show attracted 20,000 house builders, housing associations and local authorities, developers, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. The conference, viewed as one of the best in the world, featured 300 speakers and 300 exhibitors. 
  • Digital Construction Week - Held in late November at ExCel, London, this exhibition featured more than 120 hours of talks and workshops focused on innovation and technology in the built environment as well as 200 companies providing information on their products and services for digital design, construction, engineering, manufacturing and operations.

Key Takeaways

“Ideate Software develops Revit plugin tools that address challenges faced by the construction industry,” said Nick Johns, UK/EMEA Territory Lead. “By attending these conferences, we gained valuable knowledge that will help us understand our customers’ goals and create solutions that will help them reach those goals.”

Here are a few insights gleaned from the events:

  • Change in the construction industry continues to be slow. Companies are not interested in technology for technology’s sake; they want to see proven benefits before taking big steps.
  • One industry leader estimated that a construction company can reduce the number of hours spent on building projects by 50 percent by deploying technology, automating repetitive tasks and digitizing processes.
  • The technologies trending upward are BIM, digital twins, augmented reality and virtual reality. 
  • A speaker predicted that if construction companies don’t invest in digital technologies now to save time and money, they will pay later in terms of longer build times, more mistakes, increased risk of on-the-job injuries and employee/customer dissatisfaction.
  • All construction companies in the UK need to pay attention as details of the new Building Safety Bill are announced. The bill is scheduled to go into effect in April 2022.

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We sincerely thank The Architect’s Newspaper for hosting a webinar on how to use Ideate Software tools to efficiently manage Revit warnings. During this one-hour session, Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist, and Sash Kazeminejad, Customer Success Manager, covered:

  1. Revit warnings: What they are, why they are important, and why should you care
  2. Easy warnings management with Ideate Explorer
  3. Model health checks with Ideate Automation
  4. Q&A

Some participants asked how to know which warnings are important and may impact Revit model performance. Watch the webinar to hear and see how Richard and Sash tackled some of these difficult questions that don’t have a “one-solution-fits-all” answer!

View the Recording

The recoding of the webinar is available to all, whether you registered and/or attended or not. Feel free to share the link with other people you think would benefit from its content.

The Architect's Newspaper - Revit Warnings
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Thank you to the 100+ people from across the Americas region that attended our recent online Ideate Software user group meeting. During the one-hour webinar, Ideate Software’s Sash Kazeminejad, Customer Success Manager, and Jesika DiGregorio, Software Developer, covered numerous topics related to Revit parameters:

  • High-level overview of the many types of Revit parameters
  • Brief demonstrations of:
    • Shared Parameters in key schedules
    • Global parameters
    • New parameter unit types
  • Deep dive into changes to parameters in Revit 2022—including terminology and updates from Autodesk—and how Ideate Software is adapting to those changes
  • Q&A

Also on the call answering questions were Glynnis Patterson, Director of Software Development, and Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist.

The timing of this call was convenient for those in the Americas region, but the content is appropriate for users of Ideate Software tools around the world. Here’s a link to the recording. Feel free to view it as needed and share it with other people tasked with managing Revit schedule data, Dynamo users, and BIM managers. We’re certain they will find the content valuable.


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