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An Ideate Software customer asked if they could find all hidden Detail Groups in the Revit model.

Finding Detail Groups that are hidden can be a tricky and challenging task, as they become invisible due to various reasons including:

  • Hidden by Element
  • Hidden by Category
  • Cropped by View

Identifying these hidden detail groups is crucial for maintaining an accurate BIM model. However, the challenge here is that there is no specific property (on the Detail Group) that will flag most of these conditions.
Fortunately, there is a helpful solution available within IdeateApps > Annotate that can assist in this process, although it may require some time to complete, which makes running it at the end of a work day ideal.   

The complexity of identifying hidden detail groups arises from the fact that there is no specific property directly associated with the detail group that indicates these hidden conditions, unlike some other elements in Revit that have explicit properties like visibility settings or design options. The view-specific cropping for detail groups for example do not possess such attributes. Consequently, locating hidden detail groups requires a more comprehensive approach.

To address this challenge, thanks to our wonderful development team, Ideate Annotate, part of the IdeateApps collection, offers a powerful tool that can help uncover hidden detail groups within your Revit model. By leveraging this tool, you can streamline the process and save valuable time. Here's how you can use it:

  1. Launch the May 2023 version of IdeateApps
  2. Open Ideate Annotate
  3. Select the Review tab
  4. Change the Display to “Entire Project”
  5. After it does the initial review, choose “Full Analysis” This is the part that potentially can take a long time.*
  6. When that's done, type “Detail Group” in the Search bar 
  7. Look for any Detail Groups listed under both issue types:
    • Hidden by Element – this includes any Detail Group that exists on a dependent view and is invisible due to the use of the right-click>Hide in View>Elements command.
    • Other Not Visible – this includes any other invisibility condition, including those caused by cropped views. 
  8. Double click on each instance to open the view where they exist and decide which action to take: delete or change view crop

*After you complete the Full Analysis, the results can be saved and imported later for reviewing at another time. Learn more

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