Connecting with customers, Revit users, BIM enthusiasts, and competitors is one way we at Ideate Software stay aware of what’s happening in the architecture, engineering, construction, and owner-operator spaces. Digital Construction Week, held in London on May 17-18, is the premier event in the UK for BIM and digital construction, and it was a great opportunity for me to check in with people who work in and around the construction field.

I was pleased to see many customers and partners. Topics covered in the presentations I attended and at the booths I visited included:

  • Data management
  • Standards
  • Digitizing processes
  • Laser scanning

One presentation was about the restoration of the Palace of Westminster project in which the palace was scanned and then modeled in Revit.

The focus this year was on data management and digitization of processes and less on digital twins, virtual reality, and robot dogs, although there was a smattering of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT! The construction industry is embracing the changes and new technology and processes are a big part of this. 

It was a good, well-attended event with some interesting presentations. As always, I enjoyed meeting with our customers and prospective customers. I’m looking forward to seeing how digitization trends evolve as we continue to connect with the construction industry through events, presentations, publications, and more. 

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About the Author

Steve Deadman - Customer Success Manager - EMEA
Steve provides support to customers and helps them get a strong return on their software investment. He has a B.Eng (Hons) degree in Mechanical Engineering and various certifications in engineering. Before joining Ideate Software, he worked at several top architectural firm in the United Kingdom where he specialized in the implementation and management of BIM processes and technology. Find Steve on LinkedIn.