Every day, our Ideate Software Support team fields all types of questions from AECO professionals all around the world. 

Did you know that if you are an Ideate Software customer, you can request a dataset containing instructions, sample datasets and solutions for a variety of challenging Revit workflows? We see these requests for datasets cross our Support desk all the time, so please don’t be shy in requesting the information from us.

Here are short descriptions of what we offer:

  1. BOMA Dataset for Ideate BIMLink - BOMA is an acronym for the Building Owners and Managers Association. Please read this BOMA Calculations blog article by Sash Kazeminejad that explains our available dataset and the workflow process in detail.



  1. Programming with Masses Dataset for Ideate BIMLink - Please review this informative blog article about how you can use Ideate BIMLink to assist with creating Revit Masses for programming requirements.

  1. Sample Pivot Table Dataset for Ideate BIMLink - Please review this Ideate BIMLink Help topic on how to use pivot tables in Excel with Ideate BIMLink.  We even have a snazzy new video on the subject!

  2. Plumbing Fixture Counts Dataset for Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Sticky - This online Help topic is a great place to start for reviewing Plumbing Fixture Counts or Occupancy Summaries. You can also read this blog article on the topic.



  1. Pile Cap Renumbering Dataset - Check out this excellent blog article that details the specific challenge of numbering Pile Caps because they need to be numbered in a way that reflects their relative location as well as their relationship to the nested pile families. Using Ideate ReNumber is easy and efficient. 

  2. Document Issue Record (DIR) Dataset - Last but not least, this is one of our MOST requested datasets. You can review the main blog post detailing how you can use Ideate Software applications to manage the sheet revision process, and you can also review this follow-up blog post for customizing the Document Issue Record. We also have information in our online Help for Managing Revit Sheet-based Revisions with Ideate BIMLink. Using both Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Sticky together allows perfect synergy.




  1. BOMA Dataset
  2. Massing Dataset
  3. Pivot Table Sample Dataset
  4. Plumbing Fixture Counts Dataset
  5. Renumbering Pile Cap Dataset
  6. Document Issue Records (Revision) Dataset

So please don’t beat your head against the wall trying to create your own solutions. Send an email to [email protected] and request one dataset or request them all!  We will be waiting to hear from you!

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About the Author

Richard W. Taylor, Associate AIA – Technical Evangelist 
Richard has more than 30 years of experience working for companies that develop architectural and engineering software solutions, such as Intergraph, Bentley, and Autodesk. He has over 20 years of Revit experience, and he was part of the original development of Revit while at Revit Technology Corporation. He worked for 12 years at Autodesk, where he presented, taught, and worked to improve features in Revit. Richard holds both a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. As Technical Evangelist, Richard works with AECO clients worldwide, developing and consulting on BIM solutions. Find Richard on Twitter and LinkedIn.