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Here is a good question that came across our virtual desk.

“I was wondering if there is a way to number doors according to the ‘To Room’ number information, and following a sequence off 1, 2, 3, etc.; without the need to pick the doors or marking a path.”

There are several ways to accomplish this task very easily within Ideate ReNumber which is a tool within the IdeateApps collection.

The easiest step-by-step answer for the question asked by our customer is included in our “Getting Started” online Help topic for IdeateApps called Renumber Doors.

Within a default Revit Schedule View, you can modify the ‘From Room’ and ‘To Room’ values if those properties appear within your schedule.

Revit Schedule Change

Ideate ReNumber can easily modify those ‘From Room’ and ‘To Room’ properties on the fly within the renumbering process. You can also choose to report on the ‘From Room’ value instead of making the change within the Revit database.

Ideate ReNumber can be used to change the Revit values for the ‘To Room’ and ‘From Room’ properties whether you are using the Room Calculation Point property or not. (Door swing graphics will only change if you are using the Room Calculation Point property.) Once the doors are properly set to the correct room, future numbering tasks are a snap.

swap value 
The Flip Room button will change the relationship within the Revit database and update the Door Mark value.   

Report Value
If you just want to report on the ‘From Room’ value, this will push the value into the door Mark but NOT change the Revit database.

Ideate ReNumber will identify doors that are using the ‘Room Calculation Point’ property. When this property is active, the door swing graphics will update when changing the ‘To Room’ and ‘From Room’ flip button. If this property is not in use, the door swing graphics will not update.

You can use our delivered door rule to renumber doors based upon the room values.

Please review this very detailed 8-minute video on the features of door renumbering with Ideate ReNumber.

Additionally, you can renumber door instance marks via a Revit Schedule View by activating the Ideate ReNumber tool within an active Revit Schedule View.

When Ideate ReNumber is started from an active Revit Schedule View, the only available selection method will be Auto-Number by View.

This online help article is a detailed explanation for managing door numbering with Ideate ReNumber

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