"I can explore in one single Excel file," says Felipe Contier, Principal, Architect, Contier Arquitetura, Sao Paulo, Brazil. "I can change the information as I want and then put the changed data back. Having done that, I can guarantee the text is correct. I have the right information and the wall, I am convinced, has the text that I input. I can make a change in Excel, which is quick and easy to do. I can enter the change in each Family and each file much faster."

"The worst situation is to not be sure that we have exactly what we want. We used to work and work and after two or three days we could still be uncertain of the data. With Ideate BIMLink, when we present to the client, we are certain of the data and we are happy. It also means we can expend more of our time to do better design work."

Contier concludes, "I imagine from my experience that in a large project like we are doing, with several different disciplines and Families of all kinds, our problem is that we have to do corrections several times. The Ideate BIMLink advantage in time is not a one-time occurrence. It is cumulative."

By helping to standardize BIM data across disciplines, Ideate BIMLink is facilitating the sharing of vital information between the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) communities and all disciplines involved in the project.

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