Recently, I had the terrific opportunity to speak with viewers from around the world on Revit Pure Live, a weekly show that teaches strategies on how to become a better Revit user. Hosted by Nicolas Catellier, the founder of Revit Pure, this session attracted people from Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Denmark, England, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, Portugal, the United States, and more. 

The title of my presentation was “Mastering the Art of Revit Data,” which is something I am very passionate about. It featured a high-level overview of the Revit challenges solved by Ideate Software tools, which were my favorite when I worked as a BIM manager prior to joining Ideate, and then a deep dive into how to become a Revit Ninja by using the tools. This session covered the following topics:

  • Work around the most common Revit database access limitations
  • Efficiently navigate models relying on model data
  • Safely and quickly edit large volumes of data

I also had the honor to preview new features to Ideate Explorer and Ideate BIMLink that are in their final development stages. These features include dynamic filtering within Ideate Explorer and compound layer management within Ideate BIMLink! The recording is available on the Revit Pure Live YouTube channel.

If you have any questions regarding this presentation, please feel free to reach out to the Ideate Software technical support team.

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About the Author

Nivin Nabeel, Customer Success Manager, Americas

Nivin has a background in architecture, visual arts, and computer science and has extensive experience in managing and manipulating BIM data, developing and implementing BIM standards and workflows, and applying BIM workflows to ancillary project components for improved efficiency. Before joining Ideate Software, Nivin worked at several architecture and design firms where she learned about Ideate Software products, used them, advocated for them, implemented them, and trained others on how to use them. She earned her Bachelor of Architectural Science degree from Toronto Metropolitan University. Follow Nivin on LinkedIn.