Ideate Dashboard for Autodesk® BIM 360® is a new web-based product from Ideate Software that displays Autodesk Revit Warnings visualizations as cards on a customer’s BIM 360 Project Home page. For the dashboard to access Revit models published on BIM 360, a “custom integration” must be set up for Ideate Dashboard by the BIM 360 Account Administrator. 

If this step is skipped and a customer tries to log into an Ideate Dashboard card before the custom integration is active, this message will display: “No valid projects were found. A BIM 360 subscription and Ideate Software custom integration are required. Contact [email protected].” 

In the case of a missing or inactive custom integration, the card will show this alert message, the dropdowns on the card will be empty, and no data visualization will display:


While a nonexistent or inactive custom integration is the most likely reason to see this message, if you are sure this step has been followed correctly, there are other reasons this message could show:

  • You are logging into Ideate Dashboard with a valid Autodesk account, but that account does not have a BIM 360 subscription.
  • No Revit projects exist yet in your BIM 360 account or you have not yet been granted permissions to view any the projects in the account.
  • There was an error setting up the custom integration and it needs to be deleted and made again (this happens infrequently).

If you are a current customer and see this message upon logging into Ideate Dashboard for Autodesk BIM 360, you will not be able to create a card or see data visualizations for your projects until the setup or permissions issue is addressed. Please contact [email protected] for speedy help getting your Ideate Dashboard up and running when you see this message.

If you are interested in purchasing Ideate Dashboard, the first step is to fill out the access form on Ideate Software’s website. A representative from Ideate Software will then contact you to start the process, and then an Administrator for your BIM 360 Account will be able to set up the custom integration by following the Custom Integration steps on the Getting Started instructions for Ideate Dashboard.