Be Certain About Your Revit Data

Ideate BIMLink is an information management tool that works on top of Revit and allows data to be exported to Microsoft Excel where it can be easily edited and then pushed back into Revit. It can be used to expedite a variety of data-entry tasks from managing occupancy data to completing room schedule information to organizing sheets and views, and more including:

Pull data out.

Learn how to get more detailed information about your Revit projects and use the data externally with cost estimating, takeoff or analysis tool.

Work the data and push it back.

Discover how to push calculated data such as occupancy loads or duct and pipe lengths into your tags.

The fast, accurate, easy way.

Explore quality control by standardizing measurements, naming conventions and parameter values via Excel then quickly push the data back into Revit. Join Us for the Webinar December 19, 2013 9:30 am - 10:30 am PT View the Recorded Webinar

This post was originally published on the Ideate Solutions Blog