We all know and love how we can duplicate a sheet AND swap the viewports using Ideate Clone, one of the tools in our IdeateApps collection. If you want to clone multiple sheets at the same time, is there another way to do it?

Within Ideate SheetManager, another IdeateApps tool, you have the ability to create sheets from unplaced views.

Three Steps

  1. Select the view or views that you wish to create sheets from

    Select the view or views
    You can select multiple views from which to create sheets. 
  1. Choose an existing sheet to act as a template for the newly created sheets. Click “Create” and let Ideate SheetManager do its magic!

    Choose an existing sheet to act as a template

    You can set the sheet number and naming from this dialog as well as specifying any additional views or annotations you want to add to the newly created sheets.
  1. Rename and renumber the sheets from this dialog after they have been created 

    Rename and renumber the sheets
    Use Find and Replace to speed the process

Eight sheets created and eight views places on those sheets
8 sheets have been created and all 8 views placed on those newly created sheets.

This video gives a more detailed step-by-step look at the process.

Using Ideate Ideate SheetManager you can create new sheets from existing views quickly and easily. Creating sets of drawings in Revit has never been so easy.

Refer to the How To Setup Projects help topic for additional information and a short video of the process. 

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