Our customers are overwhelmingly delighted with one of our newest features developed by Michael Coffey. This is also one of my favorites. I can see how helpful it can be in creating similar sheets with room views for projects. I wanted to bring your attention to this hidden powerful feature! Long gone are the days of manual view creations and manual alignment. 

When using this feature in Ideate ViewCreator, one of the tools in the IdeateApps collection, you can setup one sheet with the room views that you like and then use it as a template to create many more.

Ideate ViewCreator - Choose Layout

Tips to making this successful: Make sure to turn off, Grids, Sections, and Levels in your view template prior to cloning the Sheet. This ensures the scope box placement and the extent of the view match the original setup without being affected by Grids, Sections and Levels. Once when the new Sheet is created, you can turn these categories back on, if desired. The same View Template will be applied to the Cloned Sheet, so turning the items back on will be a breeze. 

Original Sheet used as a Template:

Ideate ViewCreator - Original Sheet as Template
New Cloned Sheet:

Ideate ViewCreator - New Cloned Sheet

Bonus! You can select multiple rooms to follow one template! Batch view creation made easy! 

Ideate ViewCreator - Select Multiple Rooms
Learn more about batch creating room-based views here.

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About the Author

Nivin Nabeel, Customer Success Manager, Americas

Nivin has a background in architecture, visual arts, and computer science and has extensive experience in managing and manipulating BIM data, developing and implementing BIM standards and workflows, and applying BIM workflows to ancillary project components for improved efficiency. Before joining Ideate Software, Nivin worked at several architecture and design firms where she learned about Ideate Software products, used them, advocated for them, implemented them, and trained others on how to use them. She earned her Bachelor of Architectural Science degree from Toronto Metropolitan University. Follow Nivin on LinkedIn.