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TEECOM logoHeadquartered in Oakland, CA, TEECOM delivers strategic technology visioning, design and engineering, and project management for companies in the government, cultural, healthcare, higher education, transportation, and workplace industries. Its services range from facilitating initial strategy sessions to designing and engineering integrated telecom, audiovisual, acoustics, security, network, voice over IP, and wireless technology systems.

TEECOM is a company focused on the experience: the experience of those who visit and work in the buildings it designs, the experience of its clients who trust TEECOM with their projects, and the experience of the professionals who choose to work at TEECOM.

With such a focus on experience, it’s no surprise that TEECOM uses Ideate Software products, which enhance the experience of Autodesk Revit software users.

Revit is a powerful building information modeling (BIM) software that helps TEECOM take its ideas from concept to reality. Anthony Fresquez, BIM Manager with TEECOM, was an early adopter of BIM software and processes, having participated in several beta-testing programs with Autodesk products.

TEECOM image
Airbnb Headquarters - TEECOM provided physical security design services including an Access Control & Alarm Monitoring System, Video Surveillance System, and Intrusion Detection System. 

TEECOM and Ideate Software – Enhancing the Revit Software User Experience

“Revit is great at what it does. For things it’s not designed to do, I turn to Ideate Software,” said Mr. Fresquez.

Ideate Software tools let users easily access, manage, control, find, and filter their Revit data. Here is a sampling of how TEECOM uses them:

  1. Ideate Explorer: Large, complex Revit models can get bogged down with unnecessary data as the firm meets project deadlines. “With Ideate Explorer, TEECOM quickly locates and deletes the extraneous data, leaving our models trim and efficient as we prepare for the next upcoming deadline,” said Mr. Fresquez.
  2. Ideate Sticky: TEECOM’s cabling schedules are more complex than Revit is designed to manage, so TEECOM leverages Ideate Sticky. “We tried other Revit add-in solutions. Sticky gives us the finished product we want,” said Mr. Fresquez.
  3. Ideate XRay: This powerful tool identifies the reasons an element isn’t visible in certain views. It eliminates the frustration that users previously felt while spending valuable time hunting for the reasons.
  4. Ideate SmartDelete: By identifying all elements that will be deleted with a selected element, Ideate Smart Delete dramatically reduces the time users spend on rework, and it gives them confidence in the accuracy of the model.
Ideate Software Learning Tools

TEECOM hires bright, enthusiastic, energetic people that “fit” with the firm and its clients. For those not familiar with Revit software, Ideate Software provides great learning tools. “For example, Ideate XRay helps users understand view ranges, and Ideate SmartDelete helps users understand the relationships between elements,” said Mr. Fresquez.

Cal Academy of Science
California Academy of Science - TEECOM provided integrated technology design, technology project management, and construction administration.

Past, Present, Future

From hand drafting to AutoCAD, and now Building Information Modeling, Mr. Fresquez has seen construction drawing documentation evolve. He recognizes that BIM software and processes enable more accurate and superior information. TEECOM relies on the software to help transform the way building owners, architects, and tenants approach technology. The firm is shaping the future of BIM by working with Ideate Software and its software beta-testing program to develop tools that meet additional and anticipated needs of Revit software users.

USWF Mission Hall
UCSF Mission Hall Global Health & Clinical Sciences Building - TEECOM provided technology design services including telecommunications, audiovisual, security, and wireless network.

About Ideate Software

Ideate Software allows Revit users to have unprecedented control over their data and solve persistent problems in architecture, engineering, construction, and owner (AECO) workflows. Ideate Software solutions enable Revit users to save time, increase accuracy, improve project deliverables, and elevate design.