Standalone License Activation Troubleshooting

The topic below pertains to all Ideate Software solutions except the pre-2017 versions of Ideate Explorer, Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Sticky. For information on activating those older products, please refer to this page. Normally your Ideate Software license is automatically activated using your Internet connection. If you are having trouble activating your license please review the topics below:

‘No Internet access’ issue
Starting a trial or activating a standalone license from within a company network or behind a proxy server.

Offline Activation
You are having trouble with access to the Internet because of firewall or other direct connectivity issues.

Maximum Number of Concurrent Users
You are receiving an error about a "Maximum Number of Concurrent Users".

Re-setting a Trial Period
Instructions for re-setting the Trial Period.

Still having trouble?  Please contact support for help with activating your license.

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