Obtaining a Standalone License

Trial Period

Ideate Software comes as a trial that allows you to try the Ideate Software for a limited time. When the trial period expires you must obtain a license to continue using Ideate Software. All Ideate Software is full-functioning during the Trial period with the exception of Ideate BIMLink, which limits the data export to (25) rows of data. 

Purchasing a License

An Ideate Software license may be purchased from the Buy It Now page. If you are a current Autodesk Revit Subscription or maintenance plan holder with Ideate, you get IdeateApps and Ideate Explorer at no charge. Contact your account manager for the details. 

Upon buying a Ideate Software license, you will receive an email with the license code which can be used to activate your copy of the software.  For more information, please see Standalone License Activation.

Licensing Multiple Versions

A new license must be obtained for each major version of Ideate Software. For instance, if you have both Ideate Software 2015 and Ideate Software 2016, you must obtain (2) licenses. License codes can only be used for the version for which they were issued.

Submit feature or issue request for Ideate Software

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