Updating Existing Ideate Network Licenses

Updating the license file takes only a few moments and it will not interrupt the users’ licenses. When Updating to 2017 version year, please read this important information about LMTools version 11.13.1 before proceeding.  

Get a New License File 

When you purchase additional licenses or are issued licenses for a new version of the software you will need to request a new license file that contains these new licenses. Ideate will always issue a license file that contains all of your current licenses, eliminating the need to manually combine license files. 

Place New License File 

Copy your new license file into the same folder as your old license file. Please do not store your license file on a network share, they should be stored locally on the server. 

Configure the Service

  1. Open LMTools
  2. Select the ‘Config Services’ tab
  3. Select the Ideate Licensing service from the drop-down.
  4. Set the path for the new license file
  5. Save the Service

Restart the Service

  1. Select the ‘Start/Stop/Reread’ tab
  2. Verify that the Ideate Licensing service is highlighted
  3. Click ‘Stop Server’, on version 11.13 wait for confirmation
  4. Click Start Server’, wait for the ‘starting’ message to change.
  5. Click ‘reread license file’, wait for the confirmation

Submit feature or issue request for Ideate Software

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