Adding to a Revit Deployment

Ideate software can be added to a Revit deployment using the "Include Additional Software" screen. 
  1. Run the Revit Deployment Creation. 
  2. Follow the on screen instructions to create the deployment until you arrive at the screen prompting to Include Additional Software. 
  3. Click the Add button and browse to the appropriate MSI 
  4. Enter the appropriate command line parameters. Note: This method uses command line parameters but without the switches. For example, IDEATE_LICENSE_TYPE=network IDEATE_LICENSE_SERVER=@yourservername specifies Ideate Explorer to be installed as network looking to yourservername for a license. 
  5. Continue through the deployment creation process, click Create when finished.  


The software will now install along with Revit, when this deployment is run, using the specified license type. This same process can be used to update the Ideate Software to the latest point release.

Note: Automatic activation of standalone licenses is not supported, the activation process will need to be completed by the user within Revit.

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