Font Size Mapping Chart

All formatting should be done within the Excel file, for best results. The chart below can be used to predetermine the size of the font within the Revit environment.

See information on these sample files: ISB-Imperial_E1_Size.xlsx and ISB-Metric_A1_Size.xlsx.

Desired Revit Font Size Recommended Excel Font Size*
Imperial Metric  
  1.8 mm 7
  2.0 mm 8
3/32”   9
  2.50 mm 9.5
1/8” 3.0 mm 12
  3.5 mm 13
  5.0 mm 19
1/4”   24
  7.0 mm 26

* Font size will vary slightly depending upon the font style. For more information on fonts, refer to the topic called Review Font Settings.

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