Editing in Revit

The Sticky will show up in the list of Schedules within your project, and as such can be edited either on the Sheet upon which it has been placed, or on the Schedule view itself.

Editing the Schedule Graphic (from the Sheet)

The Sticky is a schedule header for a schedule that has a single column. Within the Sheet view the Schedule Graphic element can be re-sized by grabbing the single grip edit for this column. Revit itself controls how the Schedule header columns are re-distributed during a grip edit. In most cases edits made within the Schedule View will produce better results than editing on the Sheet. Refer to Editing the Schedule View, below, for more information.

NOTE: Changes to the size of the Schedule Graphic will be overwritten if the Sticky is set to auto-update or if the Sticky is manually updated.

Editing the Schedule View

As a schedule header the Sticky can be edited by using any of the Revit tools available. Possible edits include, but are not limited to: resizing columns and rows, merging cells, adding shading and borders and adjusting fonts. You can learn more about these features from Autodesk's online Revit Help topic related to Modifying Schedules.


  1. Changes to the size of the Schedule View will be overwritten if the Sticky is set to auto-update or if the Sticky is manually updated. The first time after the Schedule View is opened and attempt to edit is made, Ideate Sticky will provide a warning to indicate that the Schedule is being managed by Ideate Sticky.
  2. Revit will display text wrapping differently between the Schedule View and the Sheet View. For best results, it is recommended that any text wrap issues be handled within Excel.

Adding Rows or Columns to the Schedule Header

Modifying the cell properties within the Schedule Header

Setting Lineweights

The lineweights and colors of the borders and the gridlines is managed within Revit via two custom line styles. Learn more in the topic: Borders and Gridlines.

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