Topics in this Section

Preparing the Excel File
Review these steps for setting up your Excel file prior to creating a new Sticky.

Font Size Mapping Chart
Predetermine the Revit font size by selecting the appropriate font point size within Excel.

Mapping Line Styles
Map the Excel line styles to match Revit line styles.

Using Special Characters
Use special Excel symbols to represent unique characters and symbols.

Creating a Sticky
Learn how to create, place, and duplicate a Sticky.

Sticky File Properties
A detailed explanation of each Sticky's file property fields.

Sample Files
Some sample files are provided to help learn how to best use Ideate Sticky.

Editing the Sticky
Learn how to modify a Sticky once it has been created.

Submit feature or issue request for Ideate Software

Thank you for taking time to inform us about a bug or feature request.

If you'd like to upload a file to help explain the issue, you can upload a file to Hightail.