Ideate Query Known Issues

List of current Known Issues within Ideate Query:

What does <Uncategorized> mean?
Important information about Dimensions
Family Editor limitation


Some element types are not currently supported by Ideate Query and will return the a value of <Uncategorized> within the Select Categories portion of the dialog. These elements will report values for a small portion of the properties displayed.  Category, for example will have a value but Family Name or Type may not have a value.

Some of the elements not yet supported include:  Analytic Structural elements, Elevation Markers, Survey and Project Base Points,  Schedule Graphics, Reference Planes, and Workplane Grids.

To request the inclusion of any element that is uncategorized, please log a request online and specify why it is needed. Be sure to mention which parameter or property is essential to the requested workflow.


Dimension elements with more than (1) segment cannot be queried through the API at this time. This means that the values within these segments will list as <Not Applicable>.  An example of a dimension with multiple segments is shown below for reference.

Family Editor

Ideate Query is not available within the Family Editing environment.


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