Getting Started with Ideate Query

To use Ideate Query follow these basic steps:

  1. Select elements within Ideate Explorer.
  2. Launch Ideate Query by either using the right-click option or by selecting the Ideate Query button.
  3. Refine your Category selection within the Select Categories area. If you have selected elements from more than one Category during step #1 above, you will see each Category listed within the Ideate Query dialog on the left-hand side. If you have more than one category selected, the list of properties will exclude any unshared parameters, any project parameters and any custom Ideate Software properties.
  4. Select between one to three parameters from the list. You can use the Search text box to quickly filter the list of available properties. For example, with only the Dimension category selected, type "Value".  Learn how to select more than one property.
  5. On the right-hand side of the dialog the list of values for the selected parameter(s).  Use the checkboxes to further refine the selection.
  6. Select OK to complete the selection and return to the main dialog.
  7. You will notice that the Display is now showing the Current Selection to clarify the changes made.  

NOTE: The results of Ideate Query will always be displayed from the Explore tab.

Learn more: Ideate Query Examples and Tips for Working with Ideate Query

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